Vinyl Window Frame and Glass Cleaning

Regardless of your geographic location, the most common type of window installation (for United States that is), is vinyl windows. One of the reasons manufacturers and installers work with vinyl windows is because these are the easiest to clean, maintain, repair, and replace. When comparing vinyl windows to aluminum or wooden windows, you experience very different and far fewer problems. Vinyl windows do not rot, fade, lose color brightness, or need to be stained each season. They are not cold to the touch like aluminum windows either. Window manufacturers use specialty PVC so your window investment looks the same over its 25 or more year lifespan.

While they may not break or need maintenance, every product in your home needs to be cleaned, windows are no exception. Follow our vinyl window cleaning tips that are directly from Milwaukee’s most trusted Window Contractor, Milwaukee Windows.

Proper Maintenance of Vinyl Windows

Lady opening a window by the sash

How To Properly Clean Vinyl Windows and Frames

    • Use a handheld vacuum cleaner around the frame of the window and all horizontal window pieces such as the sash and locks. Get as much dust off as possible to avoid streaking and to remove any pieces that may smudge or scratch the glass pane surface.
    • Clean the frames and glass with a mild soap and warm water mixture. Other cleaning solutions tailored to vinyl frames and glass windows can be used.  Avoid cleaners that have a colored component such as Windex. Any cleaner that has a dye will deposit that dye onto the surface of your windows. The cleaners such as Windex have a blue colorant added which provides no additional cleaning benefit, but makes the buyer believe that it has some type of blue cleaner in it, this is not true.  Do not use harmful chemicals or rough cleaners, no matter how dirty the window glass or window frame may be.
    • After washing the frame and the glass, rinse with clean and clear water. Wipe this water off with a lint free cloth to avoid any fibers to be left behind.
    • Maintain the windows hardware such as joints, locking mechanism, and decorations. Do so by lubricating the tracks, rollers, and locking mechanisms.
    • To avoid window condensation, use a floor fan or a rotating tall fan depending on the height of the window.
    • Keep the window track clean and free of any debris. This will allow your window to operate smoothly and consistently over the life of the product.
    • If you have a mesh or wire screen, these should be maintained with a similar soap solution and a soft brush. After cleaning rinse with clean and clear water as you have done before.
  • Do not use high pressure cleaning techniques which may break the glass.

Techniques for Cleaning Window Glass

Everyone can tell the difference between a clean and dirty car, the same principle is true for window glass. Vinyl windows look the best if they are cleaned on a regular basis, many people choose a time in spring, and again before winter.  Here are some techniques for getting a clean and streak free window.

    1. Clean in the early morning. If you are familiar with gardening you don’t want to water the plants when the sun is out to burn the leaves or evaporate all the water.  The same is true for windows. If you are cleaning in the sun, the heat can cause the solution to dry before you wipe the window down, leaving streaks.
    1. Vacuum the window sash and the window sill before you start cleaning
    1. Wash the inside of the window with horizontal strokes, and the outside of the window glass with vertical strokes.  This is more of a technique to determine which side of the window a smudge or a streak is on because you can easily identify which direction it is in.
    1. Wash the window from the top of the glass to the bottom.  This way if any of the water or cleaning solution drips it will be dripping on a part of the window that still needs to be cleaned.
  1. Remove the window screens before you start cleaning.

Choosing Kitchen Counter-tops

Our kitchen counter tops are continually changing; the model that was trending a couple of years back could now be outdated. Since counter tops are costly and hence hard to replace, it is essential to exercise some thoughtfulness while shopping for one. Luckily, our highly trained personnel are at your service. They are ever ready and willing to give you expert advice thus ensuring that you attain maximum satisfaction with our broad range of counter tops that are not only competitively priced but also long-lasting priced. Our assortment of products includes;

1. Quartz Countertops

We exclusively stock high-quality products from reputable manufacturers whose quartz counter tops are easy to maintain, durable and have an elegant look. Quartz, the most common mineral on earth, doubles up as the hardest. Additionally, the metal is non-porous and hence doesn’t let in bacteria, stains, and other undesirable matter. While quartz is naturally colorless, it contains some inclusions making it assume a myriad of colors and configurations. The variety of colors includes beige and gold, white and cream, purple, blue, black, tan and brown. Some even feature veins and clouds that resemble lavish marble.

2. Granite Countertops

With strength and toughness of countertop products, no stone comes anywhere close to Granite. The material formed and compressed by several layers of volcanic materials millions of years back. Granite is, therefore, currently sturdy and stunning. It resembles quartz in that it comes in different shades meaning you have the freedom to choose the color that suits your and style. Additionally, it is robust enough to resist staining, etching, and scratching. We fortify its strength further by sealing the mineral for additional protection.

3. Marble and other attractive alternatives

In addition to granite and quartz, have several other countertops made of other top-range materials such as marble, maple, solid surface and stainless steel. Though Marble is widely known for its luminosity and elegance, it is a soft mineral that requires proper sealing. Our expertise has taught us that the stone performs exemplarily well when used as an insert in hard stones like granite and quartz. Marble, nonetheless, has a great feel that makes it an ideal surface for rolling dough and cooking pastries. Our remarkable Corian solid surface alternatives, made of acrylic, each comes in a single piece. With such a piece, we can quickly model your countertop to suit your unique shapes, or even pair it with your integral sinks. Besides being easy to clean, solid surfaces come in many shades and configurations that mimic the appearance of abundant stones (granite and marble).


We take pride in providing our valued clients with top-quality counter-tops, unparalleled professionalism, and adequate installation warranty. You also get a free in-home estimate for any of our home-remodeling services.

Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

Bathroom remodeling is expensive plain and simple. Depending on the size and style of the bathroom a typical remodel can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Luxury bathrooms are typically the most expensive, but this article will share a few secrets on how you can save countless thousands and still have the luxury bathroom you have always wanted.

The first key to success on your luxury bathroom renovation is proper planning, timing, and research. Due diligence is the key! Make sure you thoroughly research everything you can and leave nothing to chance. By properly researching and planning your remodel you will be able to purchase the materials you need for your project online and locally ensuring you get the best deal. Just make sure you have adequate room to store the supplies. Also, make sure you inspect all your deliveries carefully. There is nothing worse than going to install a fixture you purchased online only to find out its damaged the day it’s supposed to be fixed.

Shopping online is the best way to ensure you are getting the best price on a particular product, but more importantly, you are not limited to the selection at your local showroom or big box stores. Having a wider selection will make your bathroom more unique. Shopping online also allows you to purchase OEM brands of products that you would not be able to find in local stores. OEM products are typically made by the same manufacturers of famous brand names but cost a fraction of the price and are usually the same product. OEM Faucets and Vanities have become very popular in recent years.

New Innovative Products have also made luxury bathroom remodeling easier and more affordable than ever. Modular steam showers are one of these wonder products. They are prefabricated shower enclosures with a built in steam generator. They come in a wide variety of styles from traditional to ultra modern. Fitted with all the features one would expect from a luxury shower including body jets, large overhead showers, FM radios and entertainment systems just to name a few. These steam shower kits have become very popular for their inexpensive price and ease of installation. The average home owner can assemble and install them in just a few hours.

If a modular steam shower seems too much for your budget, you might want to consider a luxury shower panel. Shower panels are pre-plumbed shower systems that offer all the same features you would expect in a high-end luxury shower including body jets, a large overhead shower, and hand held shower wands and ever tub spouts. These panels come in a wide variety of finished to match any bathroom design scheme.

By following these tips, you can guarantee that you will be saving thousands on your next bathroom remodel. Remember the key to a stress-free remodeling project is to properly plan everything and not rush time frame.

Benefits of Window Replacement

In order to get good ventilation, you must have a clean home with functional windows. If your windows appear to be worn out and are not as energy efficient as they should be, then a windows replacement is just what you need. It is essential to take good care of your windows so that they can in turn take care of you and your family. The choice of Window Replacement not only helps in saving energy but also provides numerous benefits.


Having a window replacement will ensure the following advantages:

Comfort during hot days: Once the installation of your new set of windows is complete, you will notice how hot and cold rooms are no longer an issue. Many home owners get frustrated when they have to keep adjusting the AC to maintain the room temperature. New insulated windows will maintain the room temperature regardless of the sun’s position.

Maximum energy saving: By replacing your old windows with new insulated windows, you will realize a huge reduction in utility bills. Replacement windows keep extreme outside conditions from affecting your home’s heating and cooling system hence your energy bills will be lower than usual.

Easy maintenance: A home that has good windows receives less dust from outside than an older, worn out version. A vinyl window repels water which makes it easier to clean. Double hung windows with designs like shades or grilles increase sustainability in line with easier maintenance.

Your furniture does not fade easily: Newly installed windows can help maintain your household items such as carpets, furniture, etc. and also reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by UV radiations. For instance, fiberglass windows block the sun’s rays and are typically sunscreens for your house!

A safer home: Tempered glass will probably cause injuries when accidentally broken and since it shatters in small pieces, a laminated glass is a better option- it has a polymer interlayer that keeps glass pieces together if shattered.

Noise reduction: Double-panned aluminum windows have sound reduction capabilities that prevents outside noise, like the neighbors bumping stereo, from entering your home.

Convenient features: You can choose to install windows with between-glass blinds that can be remotely controlled. They are perfect for modernists and anyone who enjoys comfort with step-saving solutions.

A better home value: Most people buy homes not for their mere functionality but for the beauty of its interior and exterior features. New windows with long lasting features like double or triple pane windows can increase the home value in years to come.

Prevent in-home allergens: New airtight windows not only reduces the amount of dust entering the house, but also keep pollens and other allergens away.

Prevent glare: A view from your home might be your perfect relaxing moment after a long day. Sometimes, old windows let in glare and blocks your view. A new insulated window will ensure you spend a good time viewing the world outside.

With the numerous benefits that come with replacement windows, choosing to replace your old windows will certainly have great results in the future. We are pleased to help you choose the best window replacement that fits your preferred features. Our ideas are practical and we do not approve sales tactics to lure our customers. We believe in utmost customer service, professional installation and sincere workmanship.

Effective Methods To Maximize A Kitchen Renovation

The home remodel project related with the most ROI is kitchen improvement. It can greatly enhance the satisfaction present homeowners possess for their house and raise home value for the people who are finding to sell, however these advantages do not arrive cheap. Making the affordable price does not want to refer resorting to a total DIY plan either contractors or professional designers bring close to the unlimited industry knowledge and skill which saves homeowners from trouble and prospectively costly mistakes.


Appliance big and small, are the basic element which offers to over spending on remodeling your kitchen. To make decent costs, homeowners must offer serious consideration to what they really require. The cast iron stove, eight burner with a grill and quadruple oven might be tempting however if the homeowners may avail these features one or two times, the five digit cost creates it clear that high end equipment such as this are good option. The similar thing applies for specialty things such as a stand mixer with different function attachments; pasta machines will replace these for cheaper cost. Dent and scratch material stores also give great savings, particularly if the product is discounted due to the reason of a small blemish which no one will see. Tiling and walls are unlimited options for tile do a wonderful kitchen without the need to spend more. Selecting materials smartly or tiling they require areas only will make budgets reasonable when making a nice space and good designers will understand properly how to get this without seeing cheap.


Cabinets are one of the areas where its easy to spend more, however with good planning costs can be maintained reasonable. Finding a right designer to help with layout will assist optimize the available place when yet getting an attractive and cohesive look. Well made and professionally installed cabinets are clearly value investing in hence they will last for more decades.


Such as cabinets, countertop is an area to offer careful consideration to and let small level of flexibility in the budget. They are of very essential because without a best work place a kitchen is useless. There are plenty of choices for all kinds of budgets which will even last for many years and appear good.

When considering a kitchen renovation, function must come in advance however neither factor wants be neglected. A kitchen with forty thousand fridge, carrera marble and a wine cellar may appear great however if the layout is not good and the materials are well maintenance it is not use to anyone, an old kitchen is not taking up its total potential if it is not welcoming which no one needs to avail it. Talking about budget, needs and family habits with a professional kitchen designer will lead in a kitchen which works efficiently and effectively and appears attractive. Being particular regarding the needs and making a long term goal, solves different problems at the future of the remodel project.

Kitchen Back-Splash Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the critical areas that possible buyers consider when looking at a house. What sort of kitchen shows up can significantly impact the value, making a kitchen remodel one of the main home improvement projects? A flooring backsplash is among those design elements that can significantly influence the overall look of your kitchen as the attention is of course drawn to it when entering the room. When choosing a backsplash, the essential thing to consider will be the style in which the remaining portion of your kitchen is furnished. Specifically, it is vital to look at the cupboards and counter-tops near by the drain. The homeowner should choose something that fits in with the actual already have. Doing this allows a backsplash to increase the kitchen’s return on investment while also narrowing down the multitude of options.

In this article are some of the favorite backsplash ideas that can help to improve a kitchen’s look further:

Subway Floor Tile Backsplash

These floor ceramic tiles have been employed in commercial kitchens for years and possess recently are liked by homeowners. Their particular elegant look makes it easy to pair with just about any kitchen d? coloração. They are widely available can be bought in a huge number of colors and textures. The materials used to make subway porcelain tiles range from ceramic to granitic.

Glass Tile Back sprinkle

Glass backsplashes have the great twin things about being easy to clean and never too expensive. The glass really is easy to mount by screwing or gluing it to the wall structure. Homeowners have a comprehensive portfolio of options to choose from with glass tiles being available in various colors. Types of glass flooring include those made from reinforced glass, which is damage resistant. They also have the option of getting tiles that are made from recycled glass.

Metal Steel Back sprinkle

Stainless can help a kitchen to feel a lot more like that or a restaurant. Metal steel’s toughness is known in fact it is heat resistant as well. Unlike other materials, it will manage almost anything that a homeowner may present to it. Cleaning it is simple, needing only a bit medical disinfectant and a rag. Furthermore, metal steel backsplash floor ceramic tiles are flexible in that they are a good fit for just about any kitchen style.

Organic stone Backsplash

Options with rock backsplashes include those made with crush quartz that has been merged with a resin (engineered stone). This material produces an extremely durable back splash that is resistant to both scratches and warmth. Property owners should be aware that a professional must handle the installation of engineered natural stone; not necessarily a DIY activity. Granite and marble are the famous rock back little materials with granite being the more traditional choice. Each slab of natural stone is unique, signifying homeowners have the option of giving their kitchen its unique view.

Brick Backsplash

Block provides a kitchen with a historical look. Owners can opt for brick or brick veneer, which is not hard to set up and far much easier to clean than original packet. Besides, there is no need to shut stone veneer.

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