Choosing Kitchen Counter-tops

Our kitchen counter tops are continually changing; the model that was trending a couple of years back could now be outdated. Since counter tops are costly and hence hard to replace, it is essential to exercise some thoughtfulness while shopping for one. Luckily, our highly trained personnel are at your service. They are ever ready and willing to give you expert advice thus ensuring that you attain maximum satisfaction with our broad range of counter tops that are not only competitively priced but also long-lasting priced. Our assortment of products includes;

1. Quartz Countertops

We exclusively stock high-quality products from reputable manufacturers whose quartz counter tops are easy to maintain, durable and have an elegant look. Quartz, the most common mineral on earth, doubles up as the hardest. Additionally, the metal is non-porous and hence doesn’t let in bacteria, stains, and other undesirable matter. While quartz is naturally colorless, it contains some inclusions making it assume a myriad of colors and configurations. The variety of colors includes beige and gold, white and cream, purple, blue, black, tan and brown. Some even feature veins and clouds that resemble lavish marble.

2. Granite Countertops

With strength and toughness of countertop products, no stone comes anywhere close to Granite. The material formed and compressed by several layers of volcanic materials millions of years back. Granite is, therefore, currently sturdy and stunning. It resembles quartz in that it comes in different shades meaning you have the freedom to choose the color that suits your and style. Additionally, it is robust enough to resist staining, etching, and scratching. We fortify its strength further by sealing the mineral for additional protection.

3. Marble and other attractive alternatives

In addition to granite and quartz, have several other countertops made of other top-range materials such as marble, maple, solid surface and stainless steel. Though Marble is widely known for its luminosity and elegance, it is a soft mineral that requires proper sealing. Our expertise has taught us that the stone performs exemplarily well when used as an insert in hard stones like granite and quartz. Marble, nonetheless, has a great feel that makes it an ideal surface for rolling dough and cooking pastries. Our remarkable Corian solid surface alternatives, made of acrylic, each comes in a single piece. With such a piece, we can quickly model your countertop to suit your unique shapes, or even pair it with your integral sinks. Besides being easy to clean, solid surfaces come in many shades and configurations that mimic the appearance of abundant stones (granite and marble).


We take pride in providing our valued clients with top-quality counter-tops, unparalleled professionalism, and adequate installation warranty. You also get a free in-home estimate for any of our home-remodeling services.