Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

Bathroom remodeling is expensive plain and simple. Depending on the size and style of the bathroom a typical remodel can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Luxury bathrooms are typically the most expensive, but this article will share a few secrets on how you can save countless thousands and still have the luxury bathroom you have always wanted.

The first key to success on your luxury bathroom renovation is proper planning, timing, and research. Due diligence is the key! Make sure you thoroughly research everything you can and leave nothing to chance. By properly researching and planning your remodel you will be able to purchase the materials you need for your project online and locally ensuring you get the best deal. Just make sure you have adequate room to store the supplies. Also, make sure you inspect all your deliveries carefully. There is nothing worse than going to install a fixture you purchased online only to find out its damaged the day it’s supposed to be fixed.

Shopping online is the best way to ensure you are getting the best price on a particular product, but more importantly, you are not limited to the selection at your local showroom or big box stores. Having a wider selection will make your bathroom more unique. Shopping online also allows you to purchase OEM brands of products that you would not be able to find in local stores. OEM products are typically made by the same manufacturers of famous brand names but cost a fraction of the price and are usually the same product. OEM Faucets and Vanities have become very popular in recent years.

New Innovative Products have also made luxury bathroom remodeling easier and more affordable than ever. Modular steam showers are one of these wonder products. They are prefabricated shower enclosures with a built in steam generator. They come in a wide variety of styles from traditional to ultra modern. Fitted with all the features one would expect from a luxury shower including body jets, large overhead showers, FM radios and entertainment systems just to name a few. These steam shower kits have become very popular for their inexpensive price and ease of installation. The average home owner can assemble and install them in just a few hours.

If a modular steam shower seems too much for your budget, you might want to consider a luxury shower panel. Shower panels are pre-plumbed shower systems that offer all the same features you would expect in a high-end luxury shower including body jets, a large overhead shower, and hand held shower wands and ever tub spouts. These panels come in a wide variety of finished to match any bathroom design scheme.

By following these tips, you can guarantee that you will be saving thousands on your next bathroom remodel. Remember the key to a stress-free remodeling project is to properly plan everything and not rush time frame.