About Bob and Grace

My wife and I have been working in the home improvement and home remodeling business since 2001.  In the early days of our career we focused mainly on improving homes through interior decorating, but as time went on we got better and better at improving the appearance through remodeling.  Everyone knows that the most important pieces to add value to a home are the kitchen and bathrooms.  We have worked on hundreds of homes and helped countless homeowners make decisions as to where the right place is to invest in their property.

Through the creation of this blog we will walk our readers through the process of making the improvements that really count to improve your home value!

Post by Bob will be mainly to do with home remodeling and improving through construction, while Grace focuses on the spaces that exist and how to make the ordinary look extraordinary.

If you’re wondering what ZXCHE means, it is represents the life path that we have chosen in order to show the world our ingenious expressions and our extraordinary ability to innovate.